Security and Confidentiality

On arrival each box is given a unique identification number by WSS and entered on our secure IT management system. This makes unauthorised retrievals almost impossible.

All WSS staff, who have access to our IT system and the storage unit, are Data Protections Act compliant, and bound by confidentiality agreements.
We operate a policy of “authorised signatories” for any document retrievals. Consequently we will only hand over documents to your nominated personnel after we have been provided with an authorised signature.Image

Access to the unit is restricted and all visitors are accompanied at all times and are obliged to sign in, providing all their details prior to access.
The unit has a CCTV surveillance system running 24 hrs a day which continually records any activity within the unit.

We only disclose the location of the unit to clients and prospective customers to maintain the integrity of our “secure remote location”
WSS currently operate with unmarked vehicles for the same reason

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